Fullerton Hotel for Your Convenient Holiday or Business Trips

Fullerton Hotel for Your Convenient Holiday or Business Trips

Fullerton Hotel is one of the most favorite destinations of staycation Singapore plan. It is true, though many foreign tourists also find it perfect for their holidays. So far, Singapore becomes one of the most famous countries in South East Asia. It is not surprising if this hotel attracts anyone, thanks to its excellent location.

Besides, its popularity is for decades has become the real highlight for tourists who want to witness the grandeur of Singapore’s history icon.

Who would deny pampering the eyes with the 17th-century interior which is full of state-of-the-art amenities and facilities? The exterior is already very adorable with the feel of visiting Greece or Rome. This hotel looks so glowing at night, with the strong classical look that pleases the eyes of everyone who passes it by.

Major Sites Nearby

Business people find it as the most recommended place, thanks to its great access to various transportation facilities that Singapore people count on. It lies in the bustling Central Business District. It means, there should be no worry about accessing great places within a very short time. It will help all business people to save their time in visiting important meetings effectively.

For sure, business people also want to have some fun around the hotel. They can visit almost all popular destinations. If art is their passion, the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Victoria Theatre can be their perfect sites to visit. The Asian Civilisations Museum is where every visitor can witness the majesty of the civilization in Asia. Meanwhile, The Victoria Theater is always charming with a series of opera shows.

Of course, business people still want to shop around, whether they want to buy designer outfits for their business outfits, or they also want to find the best gifts for business partners or dearest ones. They don’t have to spend too much time accessing Orchard Road, the glamorous shopping belt that is very popular. There are choices of restaurants here with various menus to opt for.

Top-Notch Safety and Security

Fullerton Hotel ensures all guests enjoy a safe and secure stay here. The security guards are ready for 24 hours, with CCTVs at every corner of the hotel. Meanwhile, they still can enjoy lots of privacy in their rooms, which are equipped with an in-safe box to keep their belongings.

They can leave their rooms to attend their important meetings or events without any worries about their belongings.

All the staff is highly attentive and kind. They really can deliver the best help and support for all guests with a very friendly and polite attitude. They are already at all facilities in this hotel, so guests will feel comfortable during their stay.

Fullerton Hotel is ready for your next Staycation Singapore plan. All you have to do is to find the best deals that this hotel offers. Or you might want to find promotion deals from several travel directories to get the best prices.

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